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If you find yourself on our website, you most probably think you can benefit from services such as ours. We tend to agree. Just as you’re an expert in your field, so we are in ours.

What we do

Years of billing experience with medical aid claims, private patient accounts, medical aid benefits and/or exceptions have made us a leader in our field, privy to knowledge not always easily accessible to individuals. This is a major advantage to all our clients, who do not have time (or patience) to spend on the phone with various medical aids obtaining information.

We take care of all:

  • Medical aid claims
  • Private patient accounts
  • PMB Applications and benefits
  • Benefit confirmations
  • Rates/Benefits

We try to keep things as simple as possible for our clients. This means you can send us your data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and in whichever format you prefer, whether it be a picture sent via WhatsApp, a detailed client and consultation sheet or simple text email. We’d be happy to advise on a more effective way of record keeping should you so wish, but we very well know that you might be set in your ways and we’ll gladly adapt to that.

Why make use of billing services?

Whether you’ve been doing your own accounts, are new in practice or need to change service providers, we’ll be here to assist and advise wherever necessary. Do you really have enough time to both practice and take care of all the admin? Probably not, but we do. We fully understand that the handing over of your income (essentially) might seem daunting. We’ll be sure to reassure you regarding any worries you may have.

About Us

A team big enough to be professional, small enough to be personal.

Almost a decade ago we started doing billing for psychologists. We soon had clients from other specialties contacting us and so we expanded. With clients from various fields hailing from all over the country, we feel confident that our service/results make us leaders in the field. Our experienced billing experts come from various academic backgrounds, making us a well-rounded team complementing one another. Upon joining, you’ll be assigned an individual tending to your accounts based on your specific needs.

Cost: Our cost is percentage based on monies received. No hidden costs, no license fees, no hand over cost, just one fee, based on practice turnover and stability.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Suggestions? Want references? Any requests you may have?

Get in touch 😊 We aim to please. And if we can’t offer the service you need, we’d be happy to refer you to someone who can.

Billing Experts Team
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